My Boats

Deep Sea Charter Fishing Boat

After over twenty eight years in the charter fishing business, I am always looking for boats and fishing products that will give my clients the best angling experience. In 2005, I found the perfect boat that offers my clients more versatility by allowing me to fish in shallow inland waters as well as enabling me to explore nearshore reefs, inlets, and offshore waters.

The Gausebuilt 26 is a custom fishing machine that is a no compromise expression of form and function. There were several considerations I had to make when I picked a boat design, they included a boat that floats and runs in less than a foot of water, a boat with room for up to six anglers, and a boat that was created from the beginning to be a tower boat to take advantage of the better view a tower affords. I needed a boat that had the best characteristics of a flats boat, but offered the room and drier ride of a sport fishing boat. The Gausebuilt 26 offered both of these things. I am now able to fish the shallow bays and flats casting to schools of redfish without the worry of depth restrictions and while also being capable of fishing safely and comfortably offshore for larger game fish. This enables me to fish the entire spectrum of game fish opportunities offered only by the unique waters of Charleston and all with only one boat!

My boat is equipped with the finest electronics allowing me to efficiently and safely navigate in all weather conditions as well as locate fish when we reach our destination. Also for added comfort, the boat was built with a hard top offering shade and relief from those hot summer days while waiting for the next bite. For power, my boat is propelled by an efficient Yamaha four stroke outboard. I can cruise efficiently and quietly at over 30 mph or throttle up to speeds of over 45 mph when I need to cover distances quickly. With the efficiency that this motor affords, fuel cost is not as much a consideration when I want to run to those distant more productive fishing locations. As required, my boat is also equipped with a Coast Guard approved safety package.

Fishing equipment includes, a forty gallon live well designed to keep lots of live baits frisky for the entire duration of the trip, ensuring a better bait presentation to the fish. The boat is also
rigged with a tower enabling me to spot distant schools of fish and bait that a boat without such a view would miss. I can catch bait faster by locating it sooner and I can find more fish. These factors give me more fishing time, more bait, and more fish!

All of this translates into a better value for my clients by offering more versatility, more comfort, and most important of all, a more memorable fishing experience for everyone that will last a lifetime!


My offshore boat the “Miss Emily” is an Island Hopper 30. Island Hopper boats are extremely well built boats that exceed the toughest Coast Guard standards and are in service all around the world as commercial fishing and charter boats, dive boats, and passenger ferries. It is 30 feet long with a 12 foot beam making it a very stable platform for offshore fishing. The Miss Emily is a tournament equipped express sportfish. The Island Hopper is great for bottom fishing with lots of room for everyone to fish at the same time and also great trolling for game fish in the gulf stream! It is also eqipped with a tower that offers full shade for the entire group, outriggers, live well, new electronics, stereo, lots of coolers and fish boxes for your catch, and plenty of seating for six passengers. A Coast Guard approved emergency package and a marine toilet are also provided for your safety and comfort!

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